Workshop Services

Machine & equipment installations, repairs & preventative maintenance

  • Fixed & mobile bottling lines
  • MCC processing lines
  • Filtration equipment (Crossflow, conventional filtration & reverse osmosis)
  • Grape sorting (mechanical)
  • Cellar equipment
  • Grape harvesters, pruners & trimmers (Pellenc)
  • Air & gas equipment (Compressors, air dryers & filters, N2 & O2 generators)
  • CO2 vapour purifiers
  • Pumps

Stainless steel fittings and valves (purpose made to application) 

We purpose weld stainless-steel fittings & valves for any required application and can provide most standard stainless-steel fittings, valves & other accessories (including tank keys, sample & gauge cocks, ball & butterfly valves and flanges).

Machine refurbishment & retrofitting

We refurbish cellar processing, secondary MCC processing and bottling line equipment as well as cross flow machines. Warranties compare favourably to new machine warranties. In addition to refurbishment, we also provide retrofitting options to increase the filtration surface area on cross flow machines.

Crossflow membrane repairs & replacement

  • Repairs: We plug, repair & test crossflow membranes, as well as supplying new replacement membranes for most cross-flow brands (including VLS, Bucher FX & FM series, Cadalpe, Velo etc.).

  • Bucher FX series replacement membranes: Our Bucher FX series replacement membranes are manufactured in Germany and fit seamlessly (no repotting or machine retrofitting required) and the filtration area is the same. It is therefore not necessary to change any PLC settings and our warranty compare more than favourably with the OEM warranty. We can also supply re-potted membranes, should it be specifically requested. Repotting is performed by the membrane manufacturer. This is not necessarily the case with some of our competitors, implying that manufacturers’ warranties will be compromised.

  • R-100 replacement membranes: For machines using this type membrane, our replacement membranes are manufactured by the original NORIT manufacturer. Winemakers involved in the wine industry long enough to remember the introduction of cross-flow technology locally, will remember the NORIT brand as the original and most trusted PES membrane. Later rebranded to ‘’R-100 X-Flow’’, the manufacturer is still the world’s largest and most trusted PES crossflow membrane manufacturer. Is it therefore not comforting to know that CDS Group offers the ‘’original’’ R-100 X-Flow membranes at prices almost certainly less than any other replacement membrane? A comprehensive warranty provides further ease of mind. We purchase it in bulk through an overseas associate company, allowing us to be a price leader. X-Flow is the international membrane brand of Pentair and responsible for more than 40% of all beverages filtered by crossflow over the globe.

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Pressure vessel testing & certification

Pressure equipment involves risks for people and the environment and is therefore subject to strict regulations. Pressure vessel tests are mandatory and ensure efficiency and safety in the workplace. As a plant operator, you are responsible for compliance with all regulations for your jurisdiction. CDS Group, working with a trusted partner, can provide this service as part of their focus on air and gas technologies.