Wine Packaging Material

CREALIS is the no 1 world leader in closure solutions for still and sparkling wines, spirits, beers, olive oil and vinegar with 17 production sites worldwide and with customers in more than 70 countries.  In South Africa, CDS Group is the preferred route-to-market for the alcoholic beverage industry, representing the brands listed below. Each brand provides its own unique know-how and operates comprehensively at a local level with both the creative power and the industrial capability of an international group

  • ENOPLASTIC: MCC Foils & Polylaminated Capsules
  • LE MUSELET VALENTIN: Wire hoods & muselets
  • RIVERCAP: Tin & Polylaminated capsules
  • PE.DI: Crown caps

Tin capsules

CREALIS is the global leader in closure solutions for still and sparkling wines, spirits, beers, olive oil and vinegar. Tin Capsules from RIVERCAP offer the perception of luxury & elegance, provided it is certified as ‘’pure tin’’. This certification’’ has been created to denote genuine tin capsules. It provides certified provenance to discerning buyers, given so many misleading naming of competitive products of lesser quality. RIVERCAP is proud to associate all of its Tin productions to this label of excellence. Rivercap tin capsules offer a single capsule piece without any seams that is made from highly malleable material, that is adaptable to bottles of all shapes and sizes, offering the perfect quality and density of silk- screen finishing and spray colouring that provides depth to the colours. Offered in various configurations (diameter, conicity, material thickness and capsule length), it fits most bottle shapes and sizes.

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Aluminium capsules

Aluminum capsules are made in one piece, with the same decoration process as the Tin capsules (spray for the base and silkscreen for decorations). This premium product offers a refned result and incorporates highly recyclable material. In addition to its elegance and lightness, the Alu-One capsules have an excellent resistance to corrosion. The capsules are 100% recycleable and decorated with water-based.

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Polylaminate capsules

Made in two pieces, the Elite polylaminated capsule offer many decorative and innovative possibilities. They are fully customizable and allow an easy application on any type of bottle. The capsules made from a compound of aluminium and polyethylene. With unlimited colours, shades, and many possibilities of finish, it brings character to the product. Various ‘’thickness’’ options are available, although Rivercap does not offer ‘’entry level’’ capsules as quality is forfeited when thickness approaches a minimum threshold, especially if application machines are not properly maintained (thicker capsules are more forgiving given increased malleability). In addition to the standard Elite capsule, RIVERCAP also offers various eco-friendly options;

  • The R-derma® range is made using up to 60% recycled polyethylene. Reduction of the CO2 emissions is 18%, compared to a traditional polylam material
  • A truly eco-friendly alternative, the ABSOLUTE GREEN LINE combines bio-based polyethylene (from sugar cane) with water based acrylic inks, replacing oil and solvents.

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CREALIS is the global leader in closure solutions for still and sparkling wines, spirits, beers, olive oil and vinegar. In addition to our RIVERCAP offering, CDS Group also offers Polylaminate capsules from ENOPLASTIC, also part of the CREALIS Group. We stock a comprehensive range of unbranded ENOPLASTIC capsules in various colours. For certain non-general trade bottles and/or for high-speed applications, the available diameters and conicities available from ENOPLASTIC may address the requirements more precisely, allowing CDS Group to address any foreseeable requirement from either RIVERCAP or ENOPLASTIC. Capsules are available in standard or custom colours, with different finishes, allowing for rotogravure printing up to 8 colours, hot foil stamping & different types of tabs for an easy opening. Several formats and dimensions available.

Foils, Wire hoods & muselets

CDS Group supplies super premium foils and wire hoods from renowned French manufacturer, SPARFLEX. Reliable performance, unparalleled quality and an infinite array of customization options of the wire hoods and foils make it possible to achieve an exceptional finish for any wine range, especially premium and super premium ranges. The Sparlux sparkling foils are exclusive foils without creases on the top, due to the moulded aluminum top. Sparlux foils convey the code of luxury with numerous personalization possibilities and different thicknesses. Sparlux sparkling foils are made with the Absolute Green Line Technology, meaning that they are produced with bio-based polyethylene made from sugar cane and water-based inks. These renewable resources replace oil and solvents used for standard foils. The sustainable impact is that we can reduce the carbon footprint of foils with 21% compared to a standard foil. CDS Group also offers a more affordable foil range (at a level just below the premium/super-premium offering from Sparflex) from ENOPLASTIC.

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Branded wire hoods & muselets are the perfect finishing touch for sparkling wine. Numerous customization options are available, with more than 30 standard plate colours, 11 wire colours, and a variety of finishes, such as embossing, indenting, and offset or pad printing. Muselets can be custom printed/branded and embossed. Sparflex’s hoods & muselets can be matched for the perfect presentation of your sparkling wine. For unbranded standard colour muselets & generic wire hoods, please contact CDS Group.

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Crown caps & bidules (separate or incorporated)

Available in steel, stainless steel and aluminium, products are designed for the second fermentation of traditional method sparkling wines, as well as high-end beverages such as craft beers, wines, water, and soft drinks. Crown caps offer the experienced winemaker a valuable tool to calibrate oxygen entry during bottle ageing, an essential tool to achieve excellence. PE.DI is a world leader in the production of high quality PVC free crown seals made to protect sparkling wine and one of the two leading suppliers to premium MCC producers in South Africa. Inserts can be incorporated or the bidules may be offered separate. Separate bidules are more forgiving for bottle neck deviations and is better for wine left in the bottle for longer periods (innovative liners provide options to choose between various levels of permeability and to regulate CO2 loss and O2 entry, offering winemakers a precise tool). PE.DI crown caps meet the high-quality standards of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and FSSC 22000, are certified by BUREAU VERITAS and conform to the current international legal provisions regulating the manufacture of products to be used for packaging of food and beverages. Anti-counterfeiting protection (printing of the PE.DI logo inside the injected polyethylene liner) is included as a standard design feature.

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