“Instant gratification” …

Whether you like it or not, it is the motto the generation of today live by. The old way of artisans taking meticulous care and time to create their masterpieces has taken a back seat. It has made way for a mass-produced, readily available, high-volume products to satisfy the needs of the consumer, because the long wait for the high value, high quality product is just not worth it anymore.

We are, maybe now more than ever, living in a consumer driven world something that the wine industry has adapted to, very well. But this means that the time of producing wines that are drinkable only 10-15 years from now is out of the picture for most producers. Financial restraints and demand for fruit-driven, earlier-drinkable wines have driven this change. Overall, the results have been more than satisfying with jump-out-of-the-bottle whites on the shelves even before all the reds have entered the cellar. Similarly fruity reds are being bottled before the claws of winter have released us completely.
An adaption to how aging and especially oak aging are implemented are vital in this process. And again, the industry responded very well and over the last 2 decades the results with oak alternatives are unbelievable. By using different forms of oak alternatives, micro-oxygenation and careful blending some form of mimicking traditional methods have been achieved. Replicability and time before results are seen remains a major challenge. Until now…

Innovation has always been part of SOFRALAB® and Martin Vialatte®’s DNA, which has led to the developed the DYNAMIC INFUSER, specifically designed to optimize the use of oak alternatives, with a focus on precision, repeatability and speed of extraction.

The DYNAMIC INFUSER is a fully automated, fully programmable machine that enables the producer to obtain the same results with oak alternatives in 20% of the time (See figure 1 and 2). It has a greater ease of use with the ability to load and unload without having to enter the extraction tank.

The DYNAMIC INFUSER controls various parameters to manage extraction kinetics. The rate of micro-oxygenation, temperature and tempo of wine flow in and out of the extraction tank are all managed during the homogenisation process to optimize the use of oak alternatives and to enable the replication of the process year after year. This system is unique and a first of its kind to replicate an aging treatment and organoleptic style yearly.

Additionally, the machine uses an inert gas system to protect the wine in the extraction tank from oxidation, as well as contains a range of sensors, with safety valves with alarm system to make the operations extremely safe to use.

The solution to precise management of technical winemaking and maturation is here.