Hoses, cellar hygiene & accessories, bottle storage


Merlett, manufacturer of thermoplastic hoses, is now part of Continental. Continental have been supplying various industrial solutions since 1877, including synthetic rubber hoses for Industrial Fluid handling. As a specialist in thermoplastics, Merlett is strengthening the corporation’s know-how on the design, processing, and handling of thermoplastics for industrial hose solutions.

In the beverage processing industry, we have in recent years seen an influx of unbranded hoses of lesser quality (& certification). It is often offered on pricing only. With the aim to reinstate the possibility to offer premium branded hoses at competitive prices, CDS Group formed an association with Continental, having been appointed as their preferred direct route-to-market in the wine & associated industries. Clients can now purchase premium Continental products at prices comparing favourably with unbranded and/or entry level hoses, given the savings of a more direct route-to-market.

Continental beverage hoses are suitable for wine, beer, strong alcoholic beverages as well as fruit juices. They feature a perfectly smooth, plasticizer-free lining that does not leave any odour or taste. Ideal for all common connecting systems, our hoses are resistant to CIP cleaning and all harsh cleaning processes in the beverage industry.

For more information on rubber and thermoplastic hoses best suited for Wine & distillery applications;  Continental-wine-distillery-hoses-eng.pdf (merlett.com)

For a comprehensive Continental catalogue: CATALOGO_GENERALE_ITA_WEB.pdf (merlett.com)

Cellar Hygiene

Cleaning tools (Brushware, brooms, sweepies, rakes, shovels, buckets etc).

Brushware and tools from Vikan are made out of tough, compliant materials such as polypropylene and stainless steel. These high-quality products have smooth surfaces for easy clean-up and less likely to harbour bacteria. Vikan tools come in up to twelve colors, making them ideal for integration with color-coded plans. Colour-coding helps prevent cross-contamination between raw and finished products, as well as keeping allergens separated. Our sales persons at CDS Group are fully trained to perform site assesments, assist with product selection, storage options & colour coding, conduct product training with staff and provide documentation for ISO 22 000 (or similar) accreditation.For more information: https://pescatech.co.za/product-categories/

Crossflow CIP detergents

INDUSTROCLEAN is a local manufacturer of cleaning products and one of few local suppliers to the wine industry with up-to-date product accreditation. In 2020 Industroclean appointed CDS Group as their sole distributor in the wine industry for CIP detergents. Products were specifically developed to counteract the rising cost of imported crossflow CIP detergents and subsequently approved for use by major crossflow & membrane manufacturers. Lower local production & distribution costs, no forex exposure and a formulation that allows for a lower concentration, all contributed towards the price advantage. The products are extremely ‘’soft’’ on membranes (the problem with most other locally manufactured alternatives is that it was not specifically developed for the purpose), as can be attested to by many clients that have used the product over the last decade and more. References include some of the largest commercial bottling companies, major wine producers and mobile service providers. For more information contact CDS Group.

Cleaning & sanitizing products

CHEMCAPE is local manufacturer of high-quality cleaning and sanitizing chemicals for use within the wine & other food & beverage industries. Their products are exclusively available to the wine industry through CDS Group. Assistance by Chemcape’s technical support staff guarantee tailor-made cost-effective hygiene programs. Lower local production costs (vs imported products) & no shipping costs, no forex exposure, and direct-route-top-market (no regional wholesalers involved) , all contribute towards offering real price advantages. Products include; External & internal cleaning of tanks & pipes, cleaning of walls & floors, sanitizing of tanks & pipes, sanitizing of areas prone to growth of moulds & yeasts (ea. harvest equipment & walls), hand cleaning and hand sanitizing.

For more information contact CDS Group.

Cellar accessories

We offer many cellar accessories including; waterproof lights for tanks & barrels, measuring equipment (hydrometers, refractometers, ebulliometers), high pressure cleaners & barrel washers, food grade plastic tanks & bin liners, barrel accessories (“wine thieves” & high pressure barrel cleaners, barrel stacking options, bungs etc), flow meters and many other products & items used during wine processing. Contact CDS Group for more information.

Stackable galvanized mesh containers for wine bottle storage

Galvanized mesh containers adapted to different bottles dimensions for safe and effective bottle storage. European made with a 2-year guarantee, differentiating it from inferior non-European manufactured options.

  • Stacking option up to 6 layers
  • Hot dip galvanizing protects the metal from corrosion in humid conditions,
  • Optimal use of loading space and warehouse space,
  • Multi-purpose (storage, ageing, transport, displaying etc.)
  • Extremely impact-resistant
  • Bolted assembly allows better protection against corrosion (complementing the hot dip galvanizing process), as well as allowing easy replacement of parts
  • Adapted to modern machinery and robots used for loading and emptying containers,
  • Purpose made construction: adapted from 0.375 L up to a standard 0.75 L
  • Certified quality, guaranteeing durability and safety.

For more information; https://elkomtrade.eu/product-cat/containers-for-wine-and-champagne/?lang=en