Filtration: Beverages (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) & H2O

Having formed the company of VELO in 1950, in 1985 the two Velo brothers separated and a new company called VLS Technologies was formed. Since then, VLS focused on filtration solutions and have been awarded on numerous occasions for technological innovation, especially for cross-flow technologies (twice at SIMEI in recent years). The shared history with VELO allows VLS to supply spare parts for most equipment manufactured by the now defunct VELO company. This includes retrofitting filters, presses and other equipment with ‘’new generation’’ PLC controls etc. In South Africa, CDS Group is the authorised reseller for the various filtration solutions (conventional & membrane), offered by VLS.

Conventional filtration solutions

Rotary drum vacuum filter 

VLS rotary drum vacuum filters can filter a wide range of beverage products and food liquid, as wine, lees, musts, soft drinks, sugary syrups and many more.

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DE Horizontal or Vertical screen filter

VLS vertical & horizontal filters, in addition to the standard version for wine, are available in special versions for beer, sparkling wines, viscous products, sugary solutions and high temperatures, oil, salt solutions and aggressive products.

Plate & sheet filter

VLS sheet filters are suitable for processing a wide range of beverage products and food liquids, with excellent results. Easy-to-use and can be fitted to specific needs in a simple way.

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Filter press for lees

The VLS Membrane filter press for lees can separate the liquid part from suspended solids in an easy and effective way, being particularly indicated for the filtration of lees and musts. It is equipped with sheets of various sizes from 400 x 400mm to 1000 x 1000mm and filtering plates made of polypropylene.

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Standard cross-flow filtration: Wine, cider, grape juice etc.

Automatic cross flow filter (TMF-A) for small to medium producers

With the standard version of VLS’s fully automated cross-flow filter, it is possible to use from 3 to 12 membranes, for a maximum filtering surface of 120 sqm., avoiding the usage of kieselguhr and other filtration adjuvants. An innovative, ecological process to filter wine, grape juice, cider, spirits, beer and other non-viscous beverages.

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Automatic cross flow filter (TMF-I) for large scale producers

Fully automatic largescale version of the TMF-A, but can be equipped with up to 84 polyether sulphone (PES) membranes for a filtering surface of up to 840 sqm.

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Semi-automatic cross flow filter for wine, grape juice & ciders (TMF-SA)

The TMF-SA is a cross-flow filtration system especially developed for wine, cider, and grape juice clarification. The results achieved are mainly due to the special capillary polyether sulphone membrane having internal diameter of 1,5 mm. Although not fully automated, this semi-automatic version is still inclusive of; Feeding pump controlled by frequency control, Stainless steel prefilter, Recirculation pump, Capillary polyether sulphone filter membranes, Pressure sensor with digital display in the inlet and outlet of the filter elements, Digital flow meter., Stainless steel tank for cleaning purpose equipped with water filter, Control board in stainless steel with PLC for control and setting of the filter parameter.

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Specialised cross-flow filtration: High solids products

Lees & must cross-flow filtration (TLS)

The TLS Filter with its stainless-steel membrane is an advanced solution for cross-flow filtration of products such as lees and wine musts. It offers an automatic, economical filtration, filtered wine is perfectly brilliant and clear (<1 NTU) and the filtered product can be used without undergoing any additional treatment (fining and filtration). The recovery percentage, depending on the load of the filtered products, is higher than what is obtained with rotary drum vacuum filters and the filtered product is of better quality (analytic parameters are maintained). Thanks to remote control, the presence of the operator is minimal, thus ensuring easier and automatic operating process. Specifically dedicated to the treatment of “tank bottoms’’, it is equipped with a stainless-steel membrane adapted to very clogging products such as fining lees, bentonite, and centrifuge sludge. The membrane is long lasting and resistant to pressure, temperature and chemical products, allowing for reliability of the filtration and the capacity of regeneration of the membranes. Clogging is contained on the surface of the membrane which allows for more consistent removal of solids from filterable area, thus allowing for longer, more productive filter cycles. The filter is steam-sterilisable and the filtered product will not lose quality or alcohol.

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Lees & wine cross-flow filtration (Unico)

The VLS Unico cross-flow filter is an integrated design for small & medium manufacturers needing to filter their products (wines and lees) with a “single” solution to a turbidity below 1 NTU. Filtering media can stand repeated regenerations with warm water and detergents, implying a longer lifespan.

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Filtration solutions for fruit juice, vegetable juice & soft drinks

VLS Technologies provides innovative filtration solutions (conventional & otherwise) for fruit & vegetable juices, soft drinks, and other sweet beverages. For fruit & vegetable juice, filters are designed to accommodate products with a high percentage of suspended solids, also avoiding the use of kieselguhr and other adjuvants. The TLS automatic cross-flow filter (also used for lees & musts), offers an innovative, adjuvant free, alternative to the use of rotary drum vacuum filters. Nanofiltration technology with cartridges are particularly suited for soft drinks and can treat almost any product while avoiding the usage of kieselguhr.

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Filtration solutions for edible oils & viscous liquids

Filtration solutions can be subdivided into three groups: vertical pressure leaf filters, sheet filters and filter presses. Vertical pressure leaf filters designed for oils represent the premium technology, since it is easier to maintain and discharge than horizontal filters. For syrups and sugary solutions, both pressure leaf filters and rotary vacuum filters can be used. Specific requirements will dictate the optimum solution.

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Filtration solutions for beer

Solutions offered focuses on small and medium-sized breweries. Among the most popular VLS products there are fossil media filters, sheet filters, plate filters and pasteurizers. Particularly appreciated is the PLUMA filter, an exclusive nanofiltration technology which combines ease-of-use with the preservation of flavour and structure, a key factor for high-quality beers.

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Water Filtration & Purification

CDS focuses on the filtration, purification & de-mineralisation of water needed vir CIP purposes in beverage processing applications. Solutions includes the removal of undesired chemical compounds, organic & inorganic materials, and biological contaminants. The first step is screening, which removes larger debris. Preconditioning, in which water with high mineral content (hard water) is treated, is also part of the pretreatment process. Depending on the outcome desired, various filtration options (conventional, reverse osmosis etc) will be considered to complete the water treatment process.

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