Cellar Equipment & Pumps

Grape reception, destemming, crushing & sorting (mechanical or by hand)

Infeed tipping & inclined conveyor systems (allowing for controlled destemming & mechanical sorting)

Unloading (bin or crate tipping) & infeed (inclined conveyor for even spread of grapes) solutions to ensure a constant and even supply of grapes for automated destemming/mechanical sorting systems. Solutions are situation specific, please contact CDS Group to discuss potential solutions.

Destemming, mechanical sorting & MOG removal

SOCMA offers an integrated system with a vibrating de-stemmer (‘’CUBE”), vibrating hopper & belt conveyor (‘’VINICLEAN’’). Regarded as one of the top 3 automated mechanical sorters by a leading independent review (source on request), it is also the most affordable of the 3 (other competitively priced alternatives do not offer similar advantages). It can be purchased modular, allowing for integration with an existing de-stemmer. As an integrated system is has been the industry leading solution (based on nr of units sold), for capacities of up to 10t/hr since its local launch. For more information: https://www.socma.info/produits/le-cube/?lang=en

For higher throughput requirements (up to 20t/hr), we offer MORI’s automated mechanical grape sorter (destemming can also be integrated). There are several oenological machines produced by Mori Luigi, but the DYNAMICA De-stemmer/Cleaner stands out. Designed with simplicity, sturdiness and reliability in mind, the de-stemmer has technical specifications that allow it to work with different grapes sizes and types. For more information; https://www.moriluigi.com/en-gb/mechanical-grape-selector

De-stemmer / Crusher

CDS Group offers various options available from various suppliers (destemmer without crusher or integrated destemmer/crusher). From VLS Technologies we offer various options (12 – 15t/hr, 24 – 30t/hr & 40 – 50t/hr). Screw with adjustable speed is operated by independent mechanical moto variator or by inverter. Rotation of the stainless-steel basket and beater managed by inverter. Distance adjustable rubber rollers (2 or 4) with crushers on slides for crushing / no crushing operation. Internal self-washing device. Crusher transmission by independent gearmotor with constant speed. Contact CDS Group for more detail or follow the link; https://www.vlstechnologies.it/en/products/combined-destemmer-crusher-dpc/

Alternatively, for smaller producers MORI offers ‘’no-frills’’ solutions ( 3 – 18t/hr) with various discharge options. Contact CDS Group for more detail or follow the link; https://www.moriluigi.com/en-gb/r-series

Hand sorting

We offer various custom-made solutions for modular free-standing equipment that can be integrated into a single line. Contact CDS Group for more detail.


Pneumatic press

The VELO company was founded by the Velo brothers in 1950. In 1985 the brothers each went their own way and a new company (VLS Technologies), was founded. VLS Technologies provides solutions for various oenological processes, including closed tank pneumatic presses. Many local winemakers will fondly remember the indestructible and dependable original VELO pneumatic presses. With a shared heritage, the current generation VLS pneumatic presses is as dependable and indestructible, but upgraded with the newest technology options. Available with tank holding capacities varying from 5m3 to 44m3. Closed tank with sliding semi-hermetic (PSC50) / hermetic (PSC80 – PSC100) door (800×580 mm) with pneumatic piston and membrane made in fabric suitable for foodstuff. Hinged draining channels. Device for membrane inflating and deflating installed on the press and it is composed by compressor (inflating), blower (inflating and deflating at low pressure) and set of pneumatic solenoid-valves. Basin for product collecting. System for automatic start and stop of must extraction pump with switch and floater. For more information: https://www.vlstechnologies.it/en/products/pneumatic-press-with-closed-tank-psc/

Horizontal Hydraulic Tilted Plate Press (for whole bunch pressing)

The PAI press from COQUARD is the international quality benchmark for whole bunch pressing of white grapes. The patented design is basically a horizontal hydraulic press and it opens completely for easy loading. A large square tilted pressing plate provides the ideal ratio between pressing surface and grape volume. A large drainage area facilitates the rotation of the pomace by gravity between cycles. Pomace rotation in this manner reduces oxygen contact & solids generation.
For more information: https://www.coquardpresses.com/en/our-products/automatic-tilted-plate-press

Basket Press

COQUARD offers traditional basket presses (wood or stainless steel). For more information; (https://www.coquardpresses.com/en/our-products/traditional-basket-press-PTX-stainless-PT-wood). COQUARD also offer a modern adaptation of the traditional basket press, the ‘’Bucket-press’’. It is used in those situations where wines of the utmost quality are made and/or where maximal efficiencies (vs traditional basket presses) are required. For more information: https://www.coquardpresses.com/fiches/fiche-produit-presse-bucket-en.pdf

For more price sensitive or for producers with smaller capacity requirements, MORI also offers various solutions.

For more information; https://www.moriluigi.com/en-gb/pz-series & https://www.moriluigi.com/en-gb/fl-series & https://www.moriluigi.com/en-gb/PZFL-2C-series

Fruit Press

Solutions are situation specific, but most situations can be addressed by options available from our supplier MORI. Contact CDS Group for information.

Reverse Osmosis

Using advanced nanofiltration technologies, RO allows for the concentration of colour and musts, a decrease of alcoholic content, the extraction of green tannins & pyrazines as well as the reduction of volatile acids. For more information: https://www.vlstechnologies.it/en/products/reverse-osmosis-plant-rov/


We supply, install, maintain & repair pumps for beverage processing and stock the critical spare parts most often needed on these pumps. While we focus on the manufacturers that we represent, we can also service & repair pumps from others.


Francesca Pompe Enologiche has revolutionised the cellar transfer system with the development of its first patent, the Francesca® pump which places innovative high-quality mechanics and dedicated electronics side by side. Two more patented pumps have been developed since. The unique design requires specialized tools & testing equipment only available to approved representatives. We advise clients not to use unauthorized service suppliers as damage may be incurred by not using the correct tools.

• Francesca: A patented pump with coaxial rubber semi-lobes, self-priming dry pump up to 8.5 meters, with manual and automatic variation of the flow rate, the parts in contact with the liquid are entirely made of stainless steel. Arguably the best & most versatile wine pump in the world. These multipurpose pumps can effectively handle everything, including; Cellar jobs (destemmed grapes decanting, must & wine, timed replacement, filtration, bottling etc.) and barrel filling & emptying. It is easily washable and sterilizable, allowing for accurate inspection of the parts in contact with the product. Maximum working pressure: 3 bar & rotor rotation speed of 4 – 252 rpm.

• Caterina: A patented pump with flexible vanes, self-priming dry pump up to 7 meters, the parts in contact with the liquid are entirely made of stainless steel. Ideal for destemmed grapes decanting, must and wine, timed replacement, transfer in isobaric up to 7 bar. The position of the fittings downwards allows the total pump body to be emptied. Maximum working pressure: 3 bar. Rotor rotation speed: minimum 30 rpm maximum 400 rpm.

• LoBó: Pump with helical rubber lobes, self-priming dry pump up to 5 meters, the parts in contact with the liquid are entirely made of stainless steel AISI 316. Ideal for destemmed grapes decanting, lees, must and wine. Optimal in all situations requiring high pressures, up to a maximum of 5 bar (eg long pipes, reduced diameter and / or tanks over 12 m). Rotor rotation speed: minimum 91 rpm maximum 575 rpm.

For more information: https://www.francescapompeenologiche.it/en/our-pumps/francesca/


A peristaltic pump suitable for the soft and delicate transfer of de-stemmed, fermented, and liquid grapes. Pumping by simply ‘’squeezing’’ the tube without any mechanism in contact with the product. Self-priming in depth, dry running, complete with speed variators, flow inversion, automatic pressure switch. On request: Hopper with fittings, radio-command & automatic bypass.

For more information: https://www.moriluigi.com/en-gb/peristaltic


C.M.E. is specialized in the production of peristaltic pumps for oenology and the agri-food sector with flow rates up to 720 hl/h. All peristaltic pumps are equipped with electronic adjustment of the flow rate (by inverter), fittings and compensation chambers made in AISI 316 stainless steel. They also manufactures elliptic rotor, piston & lobe pumps. For more information: https://www.cme-re.it/en/products/


Mencarelli supplies a range of positive displacement self-priming stainless-steel pumps with flexible impellers and moto-variator. For more information: https://www.mencarellipompesrl.it/en/series/


We offer a very limited range of ANDRE BODIN flexible impeller & piston pump. While these pumps are perceived to be more expensive than most, we continue to service a discerning clientele by also holding critical stock parts.