Cleaning tools: Brush ware, brooms, sweepies, rakes, shovels, buckets etc.

Brush ware & tools from VIKAN are made from tough, compliant materials such as polypropylene & stainless steel. Products have smooth surfaces for easy clean-up and are less likely to harbour bacteria. Vikan tools come in up to 12 colours, making it ideal for integration with colour-coded plans, assisting to prevent cross-contamination between raw & finished products, as well as keeping allergens separated. CDS Group staff is fully trained to perform site assessments, assist with product selection, storage options, colour coding, conduct product training with staff and provide documentation for ISO 22 000 (or similar) accreditation.


Purpose developed CIP detergents for crossflow filters

Exclusively available through CDS Group, INDUSTROCLEAN is one of very few local suppliers with up-to-date product accreditation. Products were specifically developed to counteract the rising cost of imported alternatives and subsequently approved for use by major crossflow & membrane manufacturers. Lower local production & distribution costs, no forex exposure, a formulation that allows for a lower concentration, direct-route-to-market (no regional wholesalers involved), all contribute towards a real price advantage. Products are extremely ‘’soft’’ on membranes (the problem with most other locally manufactured alternatives is that it was not specifically developed for the purpose), as can be attested to by many clients that have used the product over the last decade and more. References include large commercial bottlers, major wine producers & mobile service providers.


Cleaning & sanitizing products

Exclusively available through CDS Group, CHEMCAPE is a local manufacturer of high-quality cleaning & sanitizing chemicals. Expert assistance by the supplier’s technical support staff guarantees tailor-made cost-effective hygiene programs. Lower local production costs (vs imported products) & no shipping costs, no forex exposure, and direct-route-to-market (no regional wholesalers involved), all contribute towards offering real price advantages. Products include; External & internal cleaning of tanks & pipes, cleaning of walls & floors, sanitizing of tanks & pipes, sanitizing of areas prone to growth of moulds & yeasts as well as hand cleaning sanitizing.


Rosie ( Cleaning tools and Cleaning & sanitizing products

Yolanda ( CIP detergents for Cross Flow filters