Formed in 1905, CDS Group is a privately owned, shareholder managed company. Areas of specific focus include;

  • Primary Beverage Processing (focusing on alcoholic beverages)

  • Secondary Beverage processing (including bottling & bottle or tank fermented sparkling wines)

  • Wine packaging material (capsules, foils, wire hoods, crown caps etc.)

  • Beverage Filtration (conventional & cross flow)

  • Air & Gas Technologies (compressers, air driers & filters, N2 & O2 generation & CO2 purification)

  • Oenological solutions (wine additives & processing aids, barrels, specialized concrete & polyethelyne tanks)

  • Workshop/Technical Services (covering all industries served and technologies delivered)

To facilitate specialization, we use a divisional structure.

  • The technical division commissions, services & repairs machinery we supply (as well as non-agency equipment), refurbishes Cross Flow filters, Reverse Osmosis machines, MCC processing equipment and N2 generators. It also supplies capital equipment used for beverage filtration (also offering replacement membranes), air compressors (including driers & filters), N2 generators and equipment for CO2 purification.

  • The oenological division supplies oenological products & packaging consumables to winemakers & wine bottlers.

  • The beverage processing division supplies capital equipment used for primary & secondary beverage processing.